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Every developer needs to rest and to challenge new horizons beside the daily work. Read here about mountaineering and fun away from work.

Ritacuba Blanco – Colombias Highest Peak you can Climb


olombia is a hidden gem when it comes to mountaineering or rock climbing. There are some spots for rock climbing around Bogota (Suesca) but if it comes to mountaineering you often see the mountains and there peaks but getting onto them is difficult. Especially around the departments of Tolima, Boyaca, Arauca and Magdalena you have a lot of beautiful mountains, often still active Vulcans, covered...

Bernhard Reiter

Bernhard Reiter (neversaid)

I am a software developer from Munich, Germany.
Full stack developer – Angular, Vue.js, Node.js and .NET Core.
Loving databases (Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL) and migrating Projects from my “old love” Microsoft Visual FoxPro into the new world.